1st Day 8/6 | One day networking program with B2B meetings

B2B Participants Categories

  • Scientists
  • IVF Clinics and Hospitals
  • Insurance companies
  • Diagnostic/Lab centers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical device/equipment/software companies
  • Travel & tour operator companies (Medical tourism)
  • Accreditation companies
  • Scientific associations

B2B meetings will be held in a special meeting area near the exhibition. New collaboration relationships, maintaining and developing the existing ones, is very important as well.

B2B events give participants the opportunity to meet and communicate the professional progress made by all parties, new discoveries in the field of interest, the status of the common projects and of the collaboration relationship.

During the first day of the Fertility Festival, there will be a major participation of Agents and Facilitators from all over the world, who are looking forward to new collaborations.

Moreover, a number of Doctors, Clinics/Hospitals, Association and Clusters, will participate at the B2B meetings. The meetings will be scheduled one month prior the event with a limited availability.

*Please express your interest at Mrs Dimitra Papagiannaki, email: dimitra.papagiannaki@welcometravel.gr