Come and join us on Sunday, June 9th, at 12am, at the main entrance of Zappeion to participate in the Fertility Parade around the Zappeion Megaron.

Come with your partner, your kids, their strollers and your biggest smiles, wearing the T-shirts of the event, to shout even stronger the “BIG!” Message of Love and Hope for more children, a few days before the world Fertility Day!

In the exhibition area there will be ceramic exhibits “The Hugs”, which containers indicate the existence of new life within the maternal cavity. They embrace protectively, grow and nourish the new being without suffocating or cutting it off the external environment. The exhibits “The Hugs” have been created by Ms. Marilena Michopoulou.

Come on board to the Happiness! 9th of June, Zappeion Megaro.